Changes On The Horizion:

Time To Get Organized

I must admit I have been extremely districted with all the new game release as of lately and honestly find it sad that many of our clan members are not more involved.  Well that is going to change because I want our clan to elevate to a higher position.  I can not do this alone nor should I be expected to, we all need to step up and get involved.  Some of you will be given new titles and responsibilities.

So first things first the current sub division with in the clan will be no more, a lot of you are now older and much more mature so I really see no reason to keep this separation in place.  From now on we will be one entity one Brotherhood.  We must make a serious effort to all get along and not disrespect fellow members, no talking behind others back and starting gossip.  If you have an issue with someone it's time to squash it and move on, you don't need to be chum buddies but we all can respect one another.

Official clan rules will be rolling out!  Oh noooo not rules!!!  Yep I'm afraid this has been long over due and must be implemented to maintain some degree of order with in the clan.  This will clear up a lot of currently vague issues and assure the clan expands and grows in the direction I'm working so hard to accomplish.  At the same time making sure we always come across as a professional unified clan and like any entity what one individual does effects us as a whole.

Lastly I will be implementing official mandatory clan meetings that all member must partake in.  This will be your opportunity to give your own two cents.  I do not expect any of you to sit in silence you all have opinions and ideas and I want to here them.  I may have created this clan but after all this is a BROTHERHOOD and with out all you, there would be no clan.  So collectively we will shape it in to what it will become to be.

If any of you have issue with these new changes or decide not to participate you will be kindly asked to find a new clan.  Nothing personal and it doesn't mean a bridge has to be burned or a friendship served, but in order to accomplish what i'm striving to achieve.  I refuse to allow anyone degrade my vision or sabotage all my years of work.  It is my responsibility to make sure this clan runs smoothly and with integrity and that is just exactly what I intend to do.


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