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Tournament Time:


Prepare For Battle!

I am in the middle of organizing some friendly tournaments.  Still hazy on all the details.  I'm hoping to acquire sponsorship and hopefully even have prizes!  Once I have all the complete details and everything is in order and will post an update here.

What would yo…

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Far Cry 4 Editor Confirmed:

This is great news!!!

The first next gen editor and you can bet the -=G!B=- members will be making plenty of maps.  Sounds like everything that was broke in 3 has now been fixed in 4.  The editor is the true pulse of this game.  Don't be fooled by others down playing it's significance to the franc…

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House Emblem Contest:


Emblem Wars!

Hey guys I have started a design contest were the members will decide the winner.  I need two digital emblems created that will represent the two -=G!B=- squads.  Winner will receive a self applied pat on the back and their designs being displayed.  All the entries received will …

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Moving Forward:

Lean, Mean & Ready To KICKASS!!!

New everything!!!  I began production on the new -=G!B=- website this evening and I am very happy with the progress I have made in such a short period of time.  Gamers In Brotherhood website has never looked better or been more functional.  Some come on peeps stop…

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